Friday, May 9, 2014

Go Slovakia Go!!!

Today starts a huge event for the Slovaks - Ice Hockey World Championship in Minsk, Belarus.
During this period all Slovaks become prouder for being part of this country. We feel the same like when the Spaniards watch FC Barcelona or Real Madrid playing the finals or Americans watching the Super bowl.

We might be a small country but we have a big heart for hockey and we can support our boys wearing T-shirts in colors of the Slovak republic. Our biggest hockey enemy has been Czech republic but we are ready to challenge the first game with their team tonight. Do you think we are going to win?

Where to watch the game? Most of the bars where you can get a beer! Moreover, there will be a huge screen at the Hviezdoslavovo square with an amazing atmosphere!

The game starts 20:45 GMT + 3

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